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Sanda Movies is a filmmaking creative team with a deep passion for music.
Founded in 2013 and ever since led by director Martina L. McLean, Sanda Movies' mission is to apply a personal and unique vision to metal and alternative music videos. 
Death, Doom, Black, Thrash, Progressive, or any shade of Metal, Rock, Punk, Dark and Alternative, passionate, good, music is what we love and aim to enhance visually, creating a new dimension for the listener to dive into.

Starting from the inspirations and existing imaginary of the music Artist, we lead the process of formulating the right concept and visual style, in order to make the Artist feel properly represented and to reach the heart of their fans. 

Building a solid concept is crucial but it's only the first step towards a music video release. 
Bringing imagination thrivingly to screen can be a real challenge: at Sanda Movies, we take care of everything needed for a successful video production, from concept to release, investing the budget wisely, focusing on elegance as a key element; our team of more than 10 professionals, together with the many other trusted advisors and suppliers we can rely on, can make any wish come true.

We set collaborations only with Artists we like, support or whose attitude is kindred to ours, guaranteeing our fiery commitment to a high quality result.


Martina L. McLean

Director / Editor / Colorist / Production Manager


Matteo M. Migliardi

Production Manager / Gaffer / Grip


Stefano Camaioni

Camera Operator / Steadicam Operator / Drone Operator


Annalisa Poiese

Set Designer


Silvio Cambedda

Director Of  Photography


Giulio Belviso

Camera Operator / Steadicam Operator / Ronin Operator


Leonardo Sapio

Assitant Director

Federico Mantova

Drone Operator

Eugenia Pasqualotto

Makeup & Hair Artist / FX Makeup

Alessandro Cardi

Video Assist / Production Assistant

Lucia Pittalis

Makeup Artist / FX Makeup

Flavia Tomassi

Costume Designer

Emiliano Ferroni

Props Maker / Production Assistant

Valentina Parrino

Makeup Artist / FX Makeup

Flavio Cicconi

Security On Set / Production Assistant

Sanda Movies is based in Rome, Italy, but collaborates with bands worldwide.

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